25th Ludum Dare Has Been Started

The theme this year is you are the villain.  Still in the early planning stages of what I want to do, but I have a direct link to the game as it being developed which is accessible via your internet browser found here.

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Participating in the 25th Ludum Dare

Hello guys.  I’m participating in my first Ludum Dare this year.  I’ll try to keep the blog updated with progress over the weekend and I’ll try my best to provide working builds of the game as they are created.


Don’t know what Ludum Dare is?  Check ludumdare.com

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Dat Bundle

Today the fifth Humble Indie Bundle has been released and wooo boy is it a good one.

As the nice video above dictates, paying any price at all gets you Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Psychonauts, LIMBO, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery. Pay above the average and they’ll also throw in Bastion for you. Each game is available on Windows, Mac, Linux. You also get a Steam key for your games.

“I don’t know. Got anything else?”, you might be saying to yourself. Yepp, soundtracks for every single one of your games available in MP3 or FLAC for you audiophiles out there.

My favorite part about the bundle, besides seeing Tim Schafer make a cameo in the video, is the fact that charities, Child’s Play and EFF, are involved. Split the money between the developers, charity, and as a tip to the Humble people as you see fit.

I’m currently playing through Limbo and I’m loving it. I look forward to diving into the other games.

I’ve also just finished Assassin’s Creed and after playing a bit of the second game I’d like to speak at lengths about the two at some point soon. Until then go support charity guys.

Humble Indie Bundle V

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An Ascension From My Long Hiatus

So I’ve been gone for about a month now for which I apologize. The last month has been incredibly busy with college winding down and important family matters. I hope to update this blog on a weekly basis from now on, feel free to yell at me if more than a week goes by without something new.

Anyways, the past few weeks I’ve been playing a fairly varied selection of games. I’m still playing Majora’s Mask, but I have taken a bit of a break from it so I don’t get too burnt out from all these Zelda games. I’ve been playing the first Assassin’s Creed on PC, and I’m fairly certain that I’m almost done with it. Once I finish it I’ll definitely post here as there are several things I would like to discuss.

What I really want to talk about today is Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer on IOS. I’ve been playing this game non-stop for the past few weeks, and I must say that it is quite an addicting experience. This is coming from a guy that generally hates card games with a passion.

Ascension is a deck building game where each player starts off with with their own personal decks, two militia and 8 apprentices, which are shuffled and dealt five at a time to the players each turn. There are six cards available in the center row that are drawn from a much larger deck. The point of the game is to buy cards that give you runes, power, or honor points while screwing over the competition. Runes are used to purchase other cards. Power is used to defeat monsters and gain their rewards. Honor points are granted to players for either defeating monsters or by using a selection of the other cards. When a card is defeated or taken within the center row, a new card is dealt in its place.

As I’ve said earlier I hate most card games. The only one I’ve ever played for any span of time was Yu-Gi-Oh a loooooong time ago, which I couldn’t stand very much back then either. My main problem with many of these card games is that they are either too complicated to the point of being convoluted or are a giant money sink. I’ve got better things to spend my money on than cards to gain an unfair advantage thank you very much. This problem doesn’t exist with Ascension. You buy the base game and everyone has access to the cards. Buy an expansion or promo cards. Same thing applies.

I’ve been playing through the base game as well as its expansions, Return of the Fallen and Storm of Souls. Each expansion adds a bit more complexity to the game such as fate, trophies, or event cards. All of these things greatly mix up the players’ strategy. The first promo pack has also been purchased which brings the total price I’ve spent on the game so far to around ten dollars. Compared to the price of the physical card games, I feel like I’m committing some kind of crime. I’ll tell you one thing, however. I’m definitely interested in purchasing the real card game now.

The game is currently 99 cents on iTunes. Its first expansion, Revenge of the Fallen, is currently on sale for $1.99. The newest expansion, Storm of Souls, is available for $3.99 and there is a promo pack which is also 99 cents. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a quick pick up and play game on their IOS device.

To all those Android users out there, fret not. In an interview with the creator, Justin Gary, it was revealed that an Android port is currently in development.

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It’s the little things

This might come off as a bit odd, but I’ll say it anyway. I’m starting to lose interest in games that tout expansive game maps.

It’s not that I hate the idea of having a huge playground to frolic around in, running over or fus-ro-dahing everything in my path. The real problem is that deep down these games have one common problem. They don’t focus on the little things anymore.

Let me explain. Back in the day games didn’t have as much graphical horsepower as they do now. If you wanted to make your game stand out or even look presentable, you had to know how to work around those limitations while still providing an immersive experience. A game had to have character.

I’ve been playing some Majora’s Mask and I’ve noticed a few things it has improved upon since Ocarina of Time. The game just oozes so much more character in comparison to its predecessor.

Almost every character has their own identity. They are unique and don’t feel like stock civilians like you see in more modern sandbox games.

Let me ask you a question? When you go on a rampage in Grand Theft Auto, do you ever wonder about the people you’re murdering? Do you question who that person is or what their motives were in life? Of course you don’t. I mean why would you? These pedestrians are simply there to fill a world and make it feel less lonely. They don’t have an identity.
Copy and.... paste

I’m not saying that ginormous sandbox games are the bane of our existence, but something about a more linear experience just seems more compelling at times. I’d rather run around a village with a slew of interesting characters than run around a continent of lifeless drones.

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It has been set-up.

Hello empty room. How you doin?

This blog has been created as a place for me to discuss video games, technology, or other things that I feel like bringing up. With that being said…

I’ve finally completed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the first time. It’s only taken about 12 years, but I’ve done it and I even went that extra step and completed it 100%. That means I got all the items, did all the side-quests, killed all the gold Skulltulas, and received all the upgrades. The only thing I didn’t do was find the hippy in the desert that sells you bombchus(lulwut?). That made his appearance in the ending rather startling to say the least.Want bombchus bro?

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